Webseries 101 – NYC Edition

21 Mar , 2016  

There are a ton of web series popping up on Youtube. Like a lot of em. Here are our top choices based on story quality, production quality, and acting quality. Let us know your thoughts, hit that comment section below:


Money and Violence –> Money and Violence  (note: no longer available on Youtube)

This is the leader in NYC web series. What the series originally lacked in production/acting quality it made up for with realism and deep commentary that made you think. As season 1 progressed, the dynamic duo of Miz and Rafe grew and the acting/production improved. Season 2 has been great, with improved production and acting as well as a greater emphasis on character development. Although the series is on Tidal and will be moving to major TV at some point, the writers seem intent on making this a classic. It is well on its way to being the best thing since “the Wire.”


Respect Life – Some say that this web series has a better story line than Money and Violence.  The production has been highly quality from day one and the story is complex but realistic. The acting is pretty good and you quickly grow to love characters like Melo while hating Kareem. What makes this series stand out, is fact that all of the characters are playing their roles comfortably. The women, men, kids all seem natural. “Respect Life” provides a pretty good look into life in old Brooklyn from a few different perspectives and the characters themselves grow throughout the season. Who would’ve thought that Tai could become Melo’s protege? Check it out:


Here’s 2 the Throne – Keeping up with the two close friends theme, “Here’s 2 the throne” details the progression of two close friends after one takes the fall for the other during a crime. Loyalty and King play off each other well and this series is good for showing that true and friendship and loyalty may place you in peril, but you accept that when you commit yourself to such a friendship.


Pieces – “Pieces” follows an all female team of scammers (folks who make a living committing credit card/bank fraud). The series stands out because of its predominately female cast. It also stands out because it details the scammer world, which for many is foreign ground. With solid production and realistic dialogue, “Pieces” gives you a glimpse into a world that is often glamorized but never really discussed in a deep way, consequences and all.


Project Heat/The Terms – “Project Heat” is set in ENY’s Pink Houses. The series is premised on beef between residents of the housing project, and their battle for control of said buildings. The acting is not the greatest, nor is the production, but the realism is there as are the typical scenarios that anyone who has set foot in a housing project would face. “The Terms” is set in Ft. Greene’s Atlantic Terminal houses. Similar to “Project Heat” the storyline follows neighbors as the battle of buildings and blocks, profit and respect.